St George’s has a long history of fine organ playing and choral singing in the parish tradition dating back to 1869. There is a Choral Eucharist each Sunday morning with a varied repertoire of congregational settings and choral music. Enriching worship with instrumentalists as available is welcome and encouraged.

The Choir

The SATB parish choir is a small and committed cross-generational group of singers. The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings and sings a wide range of repertoire from the 16th century through to contemporary liturgical works in the RSCM tradition. There is an extended circle of singers who also join us for special feasts and celebrations. If you are interested in finding out more about the choir, please contact the Director of Music:

Chorister Quotes

“Not having sung since school, the choir has provided an avenue for shaking the dust off the ears and vocal chords, while learning new skills & repertoire and worshipping. A real privilege to sing with great voices. A joy to sing with my family.”
“As an older member of the choir, I enjoy being part of a mixed-age-group of choristers where experience assists the learning of the younger members. The camaraderie and fun adds to the enjoyment.”
“Even when I am tired at the end of the work day (and feel like I would rather stay home!), as soon as we start rehearsing I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.”
“I sing to the glory of God, wherever I am.”

The Organ

St George’s has a small but elegant 2 manual instrument, originally commissioned for St George’s in 1885. It is the work of Australia’s leading 19th century builder, George Fincham. The instrument has had two significant rebuilds: the first in 1959 by Hill, Norman and Beard and the second in 1985 by Laurie Pipe Organs. Further information is available on the Organ Historical Trust Website: