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New vicar announced

The Churchwardens of St Georges are delighted to announce that Rev Dr. Gregory Seach has been appointed as the next Vicar of St George's Anglican Church, Malvern. Dr Seach is currently the Warden at Wollaston Theological College in the Diocese of Perth.

He was born and raised in Sydney. His first degree was in English Literature from the University of Sydney and he taught at Trinity Grammar School, Sydney before beginning theological study at Trinity College, Melbourne through the Melbourne College of Divinity.  He was ordained deacon in St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, on 3rd February 2002.  He ministered at St Johns Camberwell before moving to Clare College, Cambridge as Decani Scholar in 2007 where he was awarded his doctorate. 

He was appointed Dean of Clare College in 2008 and returned to Australia to become Warden of Wollaston Theological College, Perth in 2015. He is a musician, theologian and pastor. 

Dr Seach's Induction will be on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 7pm.  

Jenny Weller Newton, Ravi Renjen, Judy Mallinson